Appendix B - Version history

Date Version Description
29.04.2020 2019 Added method SearchCustomersModified(…).
29.04.2020 2019 Added method SendInvoiceByEmail(…).
29.04.2020 2019 Added method AuthenticatePassword(…)
29.04.2020 2019 Added method GetProductDiscountAndPriceWhen(…).
29.04.2020 2019 Added methods SearchProjectAccountingEntriesModified (…) and SearchProjectAccountingProductEntriesModified(…).
15.04.2020 2019 Added properties Employee and Modified to class Project.
09.12.2019 2019 Added properties Modified and InvoiceNumber to classes ProjectAccountingEntry and ProjectAccountingProductEntry.
14.11.2019 2019 Added class Combination.
14.11.2019 2019 Added classes LocationGroup and Location.
14.11.2019 2019 Added enum InvoiceEntryStatus.
14.11.2019 2019 Added examples for consuming with Windows Powershell.
14.11.2019 2019 Added methods GetProjectAccountingEntriesByStatus(…) and GetProjectsByStatuses(…).
14.11.2019 2019 Added methods DownloadProductImages(…), DownloadProductImagesWithSize(…), GetCombinations(…), GetLocationGroups(…) and UpdateStatusForInvoiceEntry(…).
12.12.2018 2019 Added INFO_PRODUCT_CURRENCY_SET_TO_COMPANY_CURRENCY to Message Codes. If Product Currency is not set (null), when method SaveProduct(…) is called, the Companies’ Currency Code is used instead.
07.12.2018 2019 Added method CreateCreditInvoiceWithPaymentsAndFiscalData.
07.12.2018 2019 Added properties FiscalReceiptId, FiscalControlCode and FiscalTerminalId to class Invoice.
28.11.2018 2019 Added methods GetDefaultCustomer(…) and GetDefaultPaymentMethod(…).
28.11.2018 2019 Added method ValidateToken(…)
Date Version Description
20.11.2018 3.0.0 REST API ( Appendix D).
20.11.2018 3.0.0 Added methods GetStockCountByDay(...), GetStockCountByID(...), GetStockCountByProduct(...), GetStockCountByStockRoom(...) and SaveStockCount(...).
19.11.2018 3.0.0 Added class StockCount.
01.10.2018 3.0.0 Added class Task and and changed type of ProjectAccountingEntry.Task and from string to Task and Project.Tasks to Task[]
07.09.2018 3.0.0 Added properties IsElectronicInvoiceWorkNumberRequired, IsElectronicInvoiceOrderNumberRequired, IsElectronicInvoiceRequestorRequired and IsElectronicInvoiceAtLeastOneRequired to class Customer.
22.05.2018 3.0.0 Added method AddBarcodeToProduct(…), RemoveBarcodeFromProduct(…) and UpdateBarcodeForProduct(…)
22.05.2018 3.0.0 Added method GetProductRates(…).
22.05.2018 3.0.0 Added class ProductRate and enums ProductRateType and ProductRateUnitPriceType.
22.05.2018 3.0.0 Added class CustomerGroup and methods GetCustomerGroup(…) and GetCustomerGroups(…).
13.02.2018 3.0.0 Method CreateSubscriptionEntry(…) is depreciated and will be removed soon. Use method SaveSubscriptionEntry(…) instead. That method can both create and update a SubscriptionEntry object.
12.02.2018 3.0.0 Added methods GetSubscriptionEntry(…), SaveSubscriptionEntry(…) and ValidateSubscriptionEntry(…).
12.02.2018 3.0.0 Added properties ID, InvoiceEntryDiscount, InvoiceNumber, LastRun, ValidFrom to class SubscriptionEntry
11.01.2018 3.0.0 Added property Comment to class Product.
09.01.2018 3.0.0 Added method DoesCustomerSubscribeToProduct(…). 
Date Version Description
03.01.2018 2.0.2 Added property Language to class Customer.
03.01.2018 2.0.2 Added class Language and methods GetLanguage(…) and GetLanguages(…)
Date Version Description
19.12.2017 2.0.1 Added methods GetProductBarcodesByProductNumber(…) and GetProductBarcodesByProductID(…).
16.12.2017 2.0.1 Added class ProductBarcode and method GetAllProductBarcodes(…).
16.12.2017 2.0.1 Added properties  IsDeliveryNoteDefault and ShowPriceOnDeliveryNote to class Customer.
12.12.2017 2.0.1 Added property ID to class Product.
12.12.2017 2.0.1 Added property UniqueReference to class Invoice.
14.11.2017 2.0.1 Added method GetProjectAccountingProductEntriesByProjectID(…).
14.11.2017 2.0.1 Added property ProjectAccountingProductEntries to class Project.
30.10.2017 2.0.1 Added class StockRoom and methods GetStockRoom(…), GetStockRooms(…), GetStockRoomByDepartment(…) and GetProductStockQuantity(…).
18.10.2017 2.0.1 Added class ProjectAccountingProductEntry for project accounting product entries and methods GetProjectAccountingProductEntry(…), GetProjectAccountingProductEntries(…), SaveProjectAccountingProductEntry(…) and ValidateProjectAccountingProductEntry(…).
13.10.2017 2.0.1 Added method CreateCreditInvoiceWithPayments(…).
06.10.2017 2.0.1 Added properties IsElectroniceInvoice and IsPrinted to class Invoice.
06.09.2017 2.0.1 Added properties DescriptionShort and DescriptionLong to class Product.
Date Version Description
22.08.2017 2.0.0 Added properties AllocatedQuantity and MeasuredQuantity to class ProjectAccountingEntry.
24.07.2017 2.0.0 Added support for accounting system to the webservice.
28.06.2017 2.0.0 Added enum Property and method GetProperty(…).
20.06.2017 2.0.0 Added method SaveInvoiceWithUpdateAndValidationOptions(…).
16.06.2017 2.0.0 Added method GetProductByBarcode(…).
23.05.2017 2.0.0 Added method GetProductPrice(…).
24.03.2017 2.0.0 Added method CreateInvoiceWithUpdateAndValidationOptions(…).
17.03.2017 2.0.0 Added method GetTaxFree(…).
17.03.2017 2.0.0 Added enum InvoiceType and property Type to class Invoice.
20.01.2017 2.0.0 Added class ProjectAccountingEmployeeSummary and method GetProjectAccountingEmployeeSummary(…).
16.01.2017 2.0.0 Added support for saved (kept) invoices. Methods SaveInvoice(…), DeleteSavedInvoice(…), GetSavedInvoice(…) and SearchSavedInvoices(…)
12.01.2017 2.0.0 Added method GetPosReport(…).
26.11.2016 2.0.0 Added property ProductGroupNumber to class Product.
22.11.2016 2.0.0 Changed type of parameter invoiceNumber in methods GetInvoicePDF(…) and GetInvoiceURL(…) from int to String.
Date Version Description
04.11.2016 1.0.5 Added properties CreditInvoiceNumber and DebetInvoiceNumber to class Invoice.
03.11.2016 1.0.5 Method CreateInvoice(..) no longer updates product unit price automatically. 
03.11.2016 1.0.5 Property Date in class Invoice is no longer read-only.
31.10.2016 1.0.5 Added method CancelBankClaim(…).
27.10.2016 1.0.5 Added method CreateCreditInvoice(…).
27.10.2016 1.0.5 Method GetInvoice(…) now fetches currency exchange rate for invoice date instead of todays rate. 
27.10.2016 1.0.5 Added method GetCurrencyByDate(…).
26.10.2016 1.0.5 Added properties NameEnglish and IssuerID to class PaymentMethod.
26.10.2016 1.0.5 Added properties SystemTraceAuditNumber, C4, CreditNoteNumber, GiftCertificateNumber, PaymentProcessor, CardholderVerificationMethod, CardholderSlip, MerchantSlip and TransactionReply to class PaymentPartition.
25.10.2016 1.0.5 Added properties VATNumber, Address, PostalCode, City, BankDescription and BankAccount to class Company.
Date Version Description
19.09.2016 1.0.4 Method SearchCustomers(…) only returns active Customers. Method SearchProducts(…) only returns active Products.
18.09.2016 1.0.4 Property Currency of class Customer is no longer read-only.
16.09.2016 1.0.4 The following methods no longer return item count as their last item in MethodResult.Messages[] but rather as coded info, INFO_*_COUNT (where * describes type of element, i.e. INFO_COUNTRIES_COUNT): GetCountries(…), GetCultures(…), GetCurrencies(…), GetDimensions(…), GetEmployees(…), GetPaymentMethods(…), GetPostalCodes(…), GetProductGroups(…), GetProjectAccountingEntries(…), GetProjects(…), GetSubscriptions(…) and GetVatDefinitions(…)
29.08.2016 1.0.4 Added method DownloadFile(…). Gets either company system logo, form logo or project signature.
29.08.2016 1.0.4 Added message codes (info/error) to strings in MethodResult.Messages[].
26.08.2016 1.0.4 Added method running time (milliseconds) at the end of MethotResult.Messages[] of each method call.
04.08.2016 1.0.4 Added class ProductGroup and methods GetProductGroup(…) and GetProductGroups(…).
29.06.2016 1.0.4 Added property AllowPriceOverwrite to class Product.
27.05.2016 1.0.4 Search methods ( SearchCustomers(…), SearchProducts(…) and SearchInvoices(…)) threw an exception (“object reference not set to an instance of an object”) if nothing found. Fixed so now they recover more gracefully (simply stating nothing found).
26.05.2016 1.0.4 Added class File and method UploadFile(…) for uploading files.
18.05.2016 1.0.4 Added read-only properties UnitPrice, VatAmount and VatPercentage to class InvoiceEntry.
18.05.2016 1.0.4 Added read-only property VatAmount to class Invoice.
12.05.2016 1.0.4 Added methods GetProjectAccountingEntries(…), SaveProjectAccountingEntry(…) and ValidateProjectAccountingEntry(…).
11.05.2016 1.0.4 Added method GetProjectAccountingEntry(…).
10.05.2016 1.0.4 Added methods GetEmployees(…) and GetEmployee(…).
10.05.2016 1.0.4 Added methods GetProjects(…) and GetProject(…).
09.05.2016 1.0.4 Added classes Project, Employee and ProjectAccountingEntry for project accounting
03.05.2016 1.0.4 Added read-only property Date to class Invoice.
Date Version Description
22.02.2016 1.0.3 Added code example for searching customers.
21.01.2016 1.0.3 MethodResult.Messages[] now contains a distinct list of messages/errors after a method call.
21.01.2016 1.0.3 Added code example for creating an invoice with partitioned payments.
18.01.2016 1.0.3 Added class PaymentPartition and property PaymentPartitions to class Invoice.
14.01.2016 1.0.3 Added method SendBankClaim.
13.01.2016 1.0.3 Added code example for creating an invoice, sending additional attachments.
06.01.2016 1.0.3 Added class AdditionalAttachment and property AdditionalAttachments added to class Invoice.
27.04.2015 1.0.3 Added code example for creating an invoice, change product unit price.
25.03.2015 1.0.3 Added class Company and method GetCompany(…). Gets the company of the user logged in to the web service.
24.03.2015 1.0.3 Added class User and method GetUser(…). Gets the user logged in to the web service. 
24.03.2015 1.0.3 Added property InvoiceNumber to class Invoice. Added methods GetInvoice(…) and SearchInvoices(…). SearchInvoices searches by invoice number, customer name, customer number or concerning text.
24.03.2015 1.0.3 Added methods SearchCustomers(…) and SearchProducts(…). SearchCustomers searchs by customer name or customer number. SearchProducts searchs by product name, product number or barcode.
19.02.2015 1.0.3 Culture  is now set to default for country, instead of the first one for a country, when no culture is provided (see: description for Culture in class Customer).
Date Version Description
30.01.2015 1.0.2  Added method GetCultures.
30.01.2015 1.0.2  Property Culture added to class Customer.
30.01.2015 1.0.2  Properties  IsExludedFromVatand ExclusionVatDefinition added to class Customer.
29.01.2015 1.0.2  Methods ValidateInvoice. ValidateInvoiceEntry and ValidateSubscriptionEntry are no longer public webmethods, since they are only meant for internal use within ReglaWebService.
28.01.2015  1.0.2  Properties Dimension1, Dimension2, Dimension3 and Dimension4 added to class Invoice.
Properties Dimension1, Dimension2, Dimension3 and Dimension4 added to class Subscription.
Properties Dimension2, Dimension3 and Dimension4 added to class InvoiceEntry.
Properties Dimension2, Dimension3 and Dimension4 added to class SubscriptionEntry.
27.01.2015  1.0.2  Support for dimensions (in classes Invoice, InvoiceEntry, Subscription and SubscriptionEntry). New class Dimension. New methods GetDimensions(…) and GetDimension(….).   
15.01.2015  1.0.2  Properties ElectronicInvoiceOrderNumber and ElectronicInvoiceRequestor added to class Invoice.
14.01.2015  1.0.2  Property SendElectronicInvoice added to class Customer. A boolean value stating whether an invoice for a customer will be sent electronically or not.
14.01.2015  1.0.2  Added support for electronic invoices. If both company and customer are marked as sending electronically, invoices are sent that way upon creation. 
13.01.2015  1.0.2  Implemented rules for pay date and due date of an invoice. The customer rules can either state that the dates are certain number of days after the invoice is created or particular day next month. Bank claim rules are used if the customer does not have such rules. If no rules are found the pay date is set six days from creation of invoice and the due date is set ten days from creation of invoice. 
Date Version Description
30.09.2014 1.0.1 Changed rules for max length of customer number in class Customer
25.09.2014 1.0.1 Added examples for consuming by Java (using NetBeans IDE (
24.09.2014 1.0.1 Support for currencies added to classes: Customer, Invoice and Product(property Currency(Customer, Invoice, Product)). New class, Currency. New methods: GetCurrencies and GetCurrency.
18.09.2014 1.0.1 Support for discount added to classes: Customer (property DiscountPercentage), Product (properties AllowDiscount and MaxDiscountPercentage), Invoice (property DiscountAmount) and InvoiceEntry (properties Discount and IsDiscountPercentage).
16.09.2014 1.0.1 Properties  StockQuantity and IsInStockControl added to class Product.
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