AmountType Enum

Value Description
Credit Amount is credit.
Debet Amount is debet.

FileType Enum

Value Description
Company form logo. The image that apperars at the top left of invoices, salary payment slips (etc.) in Regla itself.
Company system logo. The image that appears at the top left in Regla itself.
ProductImage An image for a Product.
ProjectSignature Signature for Project Accounting Entry is the customer’s approval for the entry. 
TransactionAttachment Attachment for accounting transaction. 
Unknown File type is unknown.

InvoiceEntryStatus Enum

These are mainly restaurant related.

Value Description
BomPrinted Bill of materials (BOM) has been printed. 
Delivered Order (invoice entry) has been delivered. 
Empty Order (invoice entry) has not been made.
Ordered Order (invoice entry) has been put.
Paid Order (invoice entry) has been paid.
ProductionStarted Production of order (invoice entry) has been started. 
ProductionFinished Production of order (invoice entry) is finished. 
Rated Order (invoice entry) has been rated.
Returned Order (invoice entry) has been returned. 

InvoiceType Enum

See Regla's sales manual, for more detailed dscription for invoice type.

Value Description
Any Any.
ClaimOnly Claim only.
CreditNote Credit note.
DeliveryNote Delivery note. 
Deposit Deposit. 
GiftCertificate Gift certificate.
Invoice Regular invoice.
Offer Offer. 
Preregistration Pre registration. 

ProductRateType Enum

Value Description
Weekdays Product Rate applies certain weekdays.
Months Product Rate applies certain months.
Period Product Rate applies certain period.

ProductRateUnitPriceType Enum

Value Description
UnitPrice Product Rate is a constant unit price amount.
Percentage Product Rate is a percentage.  ProductRate.IsDiscount determines whether discount or imposition. 
ProductPrice Product Rate unit price is fetched from the product.

ProjectAccountingEntryStatus Enum

Value Description
Charged Project Accounting Entry has been charged.
Depreciated Project Accounting Entry is depreciated.
InProgress Project Accounting Entry is in progress.
NotCharged Project Accounting Entry has not been charged.

ProjectStatus Enum

Value Description
AllocationConfirmed Allocation of work has been confirmed. 
AllocationRejected Allocation of work has been rejected. 
AllocationRequested Allocation for project has been requested.
ApprovedByCustomer Work on project has been approved by customer.
Canceled Project has been cancelled.
Completed The project, including all its work, has been completed.
InProgress Work on project is in progress.
NotStarted Work on project has not started.
WorkCompleted Work has been completed. 

Property Enum

Select  Sales / Admin / Control in Regla to get access to various properties of the  Sale system.
Other systems (  Accounting, Salary etc.) have a corresponding option.
Value Description
GiftCertificatesAsProductSale Gift certificates as product sale.
ProductForCreditNote Product number for credit note.
ProductForGiftCertificates Product number for gift certificates.
ProductRatesOrOfferValidInUse A valid product rate or offer applies at the moment.
SaleExchangeRateMarkup Exchange rate markup in pos system.
SaleMobilePayApiKey Moblie pay API key.
SaleMobilePayBaseUrl Mobile pay base URL.
SaleMobilePayMerchantId Mobile pay Merchant ID.
SaleMobilePayMerchantName Mobile pay Merchant name.
SalePasswordForCashRegisterReport Password for  Cash Register Report.
SalePasswordRequiredForCashRegisterReport Is password required for cash register report?
SalePasswordRequiredForPosBatch Is password required for POS Batch? 
SalePeiApiUrl Pei API URL. 
SalePeiMerchantId Pei Merchant ID. 
SalePeiPassword Pei password.
SalePeiUsername Pei username. 

StockTransactionType Enum

Value Description
Correction The stock transaction is a correction.
CountingDecrease The stock transaction is a counting decrease.
CountingIncrease The stock transaction is a counting increase. 
Purchase The stock transaction is a purchase.
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