The main purpose of ReglaWebService is external creation of InvoicesSubscription EntriesProject Accounting Entries and Accounting Transactions (etc.) for Regla (
Other entities (see Regla's manuals), such as CombinationsCustomersCustomer GroupsLocationLocation GroupsProductsBarcodesProduct GroupsProduct RatesPayment MethodsPayment PartitionsStock RoomsStock TransactionsVAT Definitions and Currencies (etc.) are involved as well.

This document contains general guidelines for using ReglaWebService.

Username and password are required in order to use the web service.
The user must have permissions to create the concerning types of entities within Regla.
It is recommended that a company creates a special user for this purpose.
Protection of this username and password is the responsibility of the consuming company.

Screenshots in this document are from Regla with the purpose of sheding a light on the connection between Regla and ReglaWebService.
All data shown on screenshots are fictional.
Screenshots are possibly outdated.
Always check Regla itself for the latest version.

Code examples for other programming languages than C# are not necessarily up to date. Nevertheless they clearly show how the web service can be consumed bt that particular programming language.
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