Project request

Include signature on work request/description
Show a signature line on work requests? Text that appears below the line can also been declared.

Send project request automatically after work item registration
A project request is sent automatically when a work item is registered.

Show ''Send Project Request'' in work item registration
Work request sent manually.

Project request email subject
Choose a default email subject for project requests that are sent by email. The following codes will be replaced with text

  • {project-id} - Project ID
  • {project-name} - Project name
  • {work-id} - Work ID
  • {work-registered} - Work date (and time)
  • {work-sold-hours} - Number of sold hours
  • {work-description} - Work description
  • {work-notes} - Work notes
  • {work-employee-name} - Employee

  • Project request email body
    Choose a default email body for project request that are sent by email. Same codes apply here as listed above.

    Text that will appear at the bottom of work request/description
    ext that describes warranty restrictions can be recorded and will appear on the bottom of the projects workorder/work description form (then it can be sent to the payer).

    Billing / Invoices

    Automatically attach a project request to an invoice when the invoice is generated
    If selected, then the project request will automatically be attached with the invoice in the billing process.

    Insert project name in invoice line
    If in the billing process you need to combine one or more projects into the same invoice, it is necessary to select this to see details regarding different projects on the same invoice. If the billing is always done separately for each project, the project name is shown in the invoice header and therefore it is not necessary to select it.

    Insert detailed project description as comment on invoice
    If selected, detailed description will be registered on the project and inserted as a comment on the invoice in the billing process. This is only applicable if the user does not select to combine more than one project on the same invoice in the billing process,

    Insert employee name in invoice line
    If selected, the name of the employee, which the work is registered on, is inserted to the product lines of the invoice.

    Insert work date in invoice line
    If selected, the date be inserted to the product lines of the invoice.

    Insert description in invoice line
    If selected, the description will be inserted to the product lines of the invoice.

    Do not allow invoicing for unfinished project
    If selected, then only projects that have the status Completed are shown in the billing process.
    Otherwise, unfinished projects are also allowed for billing.

    Products/rates for employees only selectable when billing
    If checked the employee cannot select hourly rate for the work hours.
    The rate is only selectable when billing is selected under Work diary > Billing > Charge for work hours and products.
    Of course, the system remembers the last used rate for the employee but allows every billing to change the employee rate.

    Allow invoicing through sale system
    If checked the button Register invoice in sale system is visible when billing and by clicking on the button the invoice is transferred to the sale system and can be manipulated there in the same way as it was registered in the sale system.
    Still you cannot change quantity or delete invoice lines that include products that updated stock quantity.

    Use newest product price when invoicing
    If checked, the newest price for the registered product will be registered to the invoice, if not checked the price from when the transaction was registered will be used.

    Description on invoice for fixed contracted amount
    In this control you can register a default text for an invoice if the agreed upon amount is the same as the one on the contract.

    Allow billing for projects with the status
    In this control you can choose which project statuses are eligible for billing.

    Mobile interface

    Allow registration of work hours directly to a project in the mobile interface
    Users can simply select if it’s allowed to register work hours directly to a project from the mobile interface.

    Allow registration of descriptions in the mobile interface
    Users can simply select if it’s allowed to register descriptions from the mobile interface.

    Allow registration of comments in the mobile interface
    Users can simply select if it’s allowed to register comments from the mobile interface.

    Billed hours are default in the mobile interface
    Select if billing is default when using the mobile interface.


    Is allowed to create two or more projects with the same name
    If selected, it is not possible to use a project name that has already been used. This is convenient for company uses project name as unique ID.

    Allow only one work item per project
    Restriction that determines that only one work item can be registered for each project.

    Use hours and minutes for work registration
    Register time, as well as date.

    Minute interval in registration is multiple of
    Users select the possible minute interval when registering time.
    E.g. if 10 is selected the possible time register window would look like this:

    Show id of work and product items
    If identification of each work and product entry is required.

    Relative day count for work - and product registration query (from - to)
    How many days forward and backwards in time does entry list show.

    User has permission to view projects for customer
    As described before under Customer project query it is possible to choose that if a user can be allowed to view all projects or just relevant projects.
    After change the setting here you need to click the Update button(the lower one) to apply the changes.

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