Regla has a powerful query system.  You can easily find information you need regarding projects, works hours, billed hours etc. by using the queries system.  
The system will help you to refine the search results. For example, hour totals and billed hours can be queried separately.

To select a specific project, you need to select a payer and uncheck All payers. Then you may need to enter some information (such as name and social security number) and hit the glasses icon.  
Then the system will display a window listing the payers matching the search.  A payer can be selected from the list by double clicking on it or by clicking the Select button.

When the payer has been selected the projects related to that payer will be displayed in a drop down list.  If the selected project has tasks connected to it, a drop down list of tasks will also be displayed.

If company has defined dimensions in Admin > File administration > Dimensions control, new fields for dimensions will also be displayed.


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