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In my pages B2B you can do the following:

  1. Create and close a business relationship, which is a business relationship between a customer and a supplier
  2. Activate and deactivate employees authorized to withdraw goods and services in the company's name from suppliers
  3. Conduct inquiries on employee reviews

To log in to my B2B pages, go to https://b2b.regla.is/ and use the username and password you have received from Regla.

1. Corporate relations

In business relationships, it is possible to establish a connection between a company and a supplier as long as the supplier has opened a business relationship.

Relationship status is shown by color:

  • Red = supplier has not opened a business relationship
  • Yellow = the supplier has opened a business relationship, but the customer has not accepted
  • Green = the supplier has opened a business relationship and the customer has accepted

  1. Employee overview

In the employee overview, new employees can be created by registering individual employees or by uploading a file. You can also deactivate employees who are already registered.

  1. Inquiries

You can inquire about employee reviews for a defined period using these templates:

  • Summary / simple list
  • Breakdown by employee
  • Breakdown by date
  • Breakdown by other entries

You can also search for an individual employee, and you can download the result of the query in an Excel template.


Breakdown by employee

Breakdown by date

Breakdown by other entries

To perform a query:

  1. select a time period
  2. select download
  3. select the type of transaction
  4. you can search for an employee by name or social security number
  5. columns can be sorted
  6. the query result can be downloaded in an Excel template

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