The employee can see the recorded hours

To enable the employee to be able to see his time registration through his phone, the employee must be assigned a role. Select Admin / File administration / Employees

1. Select an employee:


a. Tick ​​the User of systems box, fill in the Username and click the green check to see if the username is available

b. If the username is available "The employee has been updated"

c. Make sure the correct email address is selected for the employee

d. Select Save to confirm

  1. For the user to get the password sent, you need to:

    a. Select a user

    b. Check Reset password

    c. Select Update to save

  1. Select Admin / File administration / Roles

    a. Select the role in Sales / File administration, move the mouse over the people at the front of the line

    b. Choose to Add the role


a. Select the name of the relevant employee

b. Select Add to add the role to the employee

  1. Now the employee can log in through a browser on their phone with a username and password in Regla via:

    There, the person can click on Time Overview:

This is the time logging interface:

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